Amazon Women on the Moon

Well, men, I've been studying
this map of the lunar surface,

And I've chosen the dark side
as our landing site.

- So, don't forget your space beams.
- Roger, Steve.

Just think, Loony, in less than an
hour, we're gonna be on the moon.

The first thing I'm gonna do is carve
me off a hunk of that green cheese.

Now, Butch, you know one of
the purposes of this mission...

is to dispel
some of those myths.

Steve, I've got the president
on the electro-scan.

Come in,
men of Moon Rocket One.

This is the president of the United
States calling from planet Earth.

We read you, Mr. President.
This is Steve Nelson,
commander, Moon Rocket One.

Commander Nelson, this is a
proud day for all Americans,

and this year of 1980 will
be remembered as the year...

an American
first set foot on the moon.

The governors
of all 48 states join me...

in wishing Godspeed
to you...

and your handpicked team
of scientists.

That's us, Loony.
Thank you, Mr. President. We're
proud to serve our country.

Over and out.
Blackie, neutralize
the electro-scan.

neutralized, sir.

There she is,
dead ahead!

It's awesome, isn't it?
I've got big plans
for that piece of real estate.

I'm going to sell
advertising space on that.

Just picture this... the
world's biggest billboard.

We'll make a bundle.