Baby Boom

(woman) This is Mr and Mrs White.
The Whites have been
anxious to meet Elizabeth.

Before we take her, I wanna hear from
you there's no chance of us gettin' a male.

The agency representative that came to
our motorhome said we might get a boy...

:28:21 Father here wants to make sure
no stone's been left unturned.

We did try to locate a boy for you,
but there are none available at this time.

Well, then...
...she all right for you, Mother?
- Yes, sir.

- She got all of her shots and everything?
- Lord, Merle, it's not a puppy! (laughs)

I understand you bought
Elizabeth some new clothes.

- A couple of things.
- (sneezes)

She's just getting over a cold,
so I brought her medicine and...

Well, she takes a quarter
of a teaspoon every four hours...

...and I packed her spoon in
with her clothes and toys.

The clothes and toys won't be necessary.
Where are you folks from?
I mean, if I'm allowed to ask.

We'll be moving back
to Duluth next week.

Most of Merle's family is out that way now
and our pastor is out there an' all.

I'm sure Fern will like it just fine.
We're naming her after Merle's mama.
Oh, hush, hush. Hush now.
- Well, maybe I should...
- I'll take care of formalities from here on.

You're free to go.
Oh, I am? Oh, well...
You... you take care.