Beverly Hills Cop II

Lutz is just looking for a reason
to bust our asses.

Meet me back at the station
in an hour.

I'm going to say hi to Jan
and...take a peek.

- All right?
- OK.

- How you doing?
- Oh, Axel.

Oh, come on, stop that.
I get shot like this all the time
in Detroit. He'll be fine.

He was talking about going fishing
until yesterday.

Then...he seemed preoccupied.
I'm gonna come by the house after
I get settled and look around, OK?

Thanks, Axel.
# Won't change my mind
# I'm on my way
# Gonna see this paradise
# I have a dream and it's so clear
# Won't think about it twice, no, no
# Don't try to tell me what to do
# Cos freedom is in me,
so wild and free... #

(Car alarms sound)
# Yeah, yeah
# There's gotta be a better way
# To put the love
inside my life, baby

# There's gotta be a better way
without your lovin' here

# Where will I find love?
# I can feel it as the time goes by
# Time, time, time, time

# Your spirit getting
closer and closer

# I must be on a natural high
# Cos I'm feelin' no pain, no, no
# Whoa, whoa,
there's gotta be a better way