Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

- Six dead in 48 hours. We've got a gang war.
- We could just let them blow each other away.

Bodies don't make good press
and there's an election coming.

Well, we could run one of these suckers
for office.

The Romeros lost three men.
Maybe they'll hit back. Who's their best shooter?

- Frank Bauggs.
- OK, stake him out.

- Maybe we'll get lucky.
- We've been after the vigilante. We're close...

Forget the vigilante. This case has priority.
Who does Zacharias think he's playing with?
- It doesn't make sense. Why would he hit us?
- He wants a war.

- Somebody's killing his men, too.
- I don't believe it. You know what I think?

He did it and he's trying to blame us.
He's playing us for suckers.

- He wants our territory.
- If there's war, he loses as much as we do.

Come on, wake up!
Zacharias is trying to jack us up.

It's either him or us. I say we blast him.
The Romeros' number-one hit man
is Frank Bauggs.

One conviction for assault with intent to kill.
Served easy time.

Those who know his reputation for violence
would be surprised that he is a trained baritone.

He is an upwardly-mobile super-achiever
and lives in a condo on Wilshire Boulevard.

If you can get to his phones,
we'll have our leads.

- God damn it, hurry up! We'll be late!
- My zipper's stuck.

That's 'cause you eat like a horse.
Drop some weight.

Drop dead, why don't you?
For Christ's sake,
come out of there! Jesus...

- How do I look?
- Like shit.

- Stick it up your kazoo!
- Shut up and let's go.