Empire of the Sun

Let's say you need three diamonds.
You just think three diamonds.
Then your partner,
when he gets four aces...

...he shouts and you put down the....
You put down your aces and then....
l can't remember it now.
Probably my parents are on a ship
to Hong lKong.

Then they'll send for me.
My father will give you a reward.
He gave a taxi driver $5
for bringing me home from Hankow.

Have you been to England?
lKid, you're starting to get
on my nerves.

Look what l found under my truck.
l'm sorry already.

Well, come in, boy.
l don't know whether he's hungry
or crazy.

You look like you need to lie down.
My father has a cotton mill at...
-He'll be ingratiated to you.
-lngratiated. That's a fine word.

He once gave a taxi--
Come here. ln a minute.
Your tongue's running away.

Now that is a well-kept set of teeth.
Someone has paid a lot of bills
for that sweet mouth.

Frank, you'd be surprised how
people neglect their kids' teeth.

Basie, l got you three.
l wasn't able to sell
any goddamn portholes.