Evil Dead II

- There's a tape recorder here.
- See what's on it.

This is Professor Raymond Knowby,
log entry number two.

l believe l made a signifiicant find
in the castle of Kandar.

Having journeyed there with my wife,
my daughter and Prof. Gatly, -

- it was in the rear chamber that we
stumbled upon something remarkable.

'Naturum de Monto',
the Book of the Dead.

We brought the book here,
where l could study it undisturbed.

Here l began the translations. The
book speaks of a spiritual presence.

A thing of evil that
roams the forests.

Through recitation of the book,
this spirit is given license -

- to possess the living.
Here are the pronunciations
of those passages.

Kanda. Estrata. Amantos...