Evil Dead II

It Iives out in those woods.
In the dark...
Something that's come back
from the dead.

- Jake, Iet's get out of here!
- We're going, baby...

- Nobody goes untiI dayIight!
- You Iisten to me...

Hush, little baby
don't say a word

Momma's gonna buy you
a mocking bird

If that mocking bird don't sing
Momma will buy you a diamond ring

If that diamond ring turns brass
Momma's gonna buy you
a looking glass

Remember that song, Annie?
I used to sing it to you.

- Mother?
- UnIock these chains. QuickIy.

- No.
- You were born September 2nd, 1962.

I remember it weII
because it was snowing.

So strange it wouId be snowing
in September.

That thing in the ceIIar
is not my mother.

We are the things that were
and shaII be again.

Spirits of the Book.
We want what is yours: Life.

- Dead by dawn.
- Dead by dawn...