Gardens of Stone

Ex-slow cadence!
Forward, hut!

Evening, major, sergeant.
You wanted to see me?

- What?
- You wanted to see me.

No, we wanna buy you a beer.
Sit, relax.

Hey, Zeke! Draw three!
Sergeant major is a friend of
your dad's from the Korean War days.

Now then, as to results
of recent battalion inspection...

You see, kid,
as the Good Book says...

...some days the bear eats you.
Others, you eat it.

Meaning we won the inspection,
Wildman and all.

You looked good today, kid.
Sharpest trooper I've seen all week.

That includes them prima donnas
at Honour Guard Company.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks, sergeant major.

Goody, old Willow here...
...he wants to go to Vietnam.
He feels an infantryman's place
is at the front.

There's no front in Vietnam.
That's what Sergeant Hazard says.
It's a funny little war, kid.
Things have changed.