Gardens of Stone

Dildo, Top, remember? Common mistake.
Your daddy was a master sergeant.
This is good for a week. You need
more time, you call me personal, hear?

If I recollect...
...this is the only one I got that
your dad doesn't already have...

:41:42 make sure that...
Well, you put that with him, okay?
Sarge, I...
I've been thinking.
Is it too late to get my father
into Arlington?

Of course not. You know Goody.
He can fix anything.

I know it'll just be a bare patch
with the bulldozers and everything...

...but I was hoping you could find him
a spot in the garden.

No problem.
Forward, hut!
The history of the 3rd U.S. Infantry
reflects the growth of our nation.

In 1922, the War Department
granted permission...

:42:54 pass and review
with bayonets fixed.

The Old Guard will now fix bayonets
to the traditional beat of the drum.