Ghoulies II

Moon's fuller than usual tonight.
Either it's full or it ain't, Ned.
A full moon cannot get any fuller.
You wanna be a magician, nephew...
you got to pay attention to the moon.
You gotta pay attention to the truck.
lt's overheating again.

This is Satan's Den
calling Aladdin's Ham. Over.

This is Aladdin Ham, Satan's Den.
Dixie on the horn.

Want me to tell you all
a bedtime story? Over.

l think the radiator's had it.
We have to find some kind of garage
somewhere, somehow. Over.

Good luck. Just don't be late
getting to Greenville.

Big day tomorrow. Over.
You're wrong, sweetheart.
lt's a small day tomorrow...
when the accountants take over the carnival.
A small day indeed.
Over and out.
Just keep an eye out
for an open garage, all right?

lt's the fullest moon l've ever seen.
lt's a magic moon, nephew.
A magic moon.