Ghoulies II

You can stay with us tonight, Nigel.
Thank you, Lawrence.
l wonder how our visitor is doing
in the executive suite?

l imagine he finds it a trifle...
A wee bit wee.
A little bit little.
A tiny bit tiny.
A wee bit wee. A tiny bit tiny.
l like that, yes.
lt's been a pleasure.
Nice talking to you. Good night.
Here you go, Mr. Hardin.
One night's receipts.

lt's impressive, but uncharacteristic.
Our records show Satan's Den's
never made this in a weekend...

much less a single night.
l'll reserve judgment till l see more figures.
You've already made up your mind.
l never close my mind to profit.
That's bad business.

What is the problem, Officer?
They say their friend went in Satan's Den
and never come out.

We were attacked by
some big-ass mother bat.