Ghoulies II

That's Ned Prentiss.
Everyone at the carnival will tell you
that Ned had a drinking problem.

He was obviously drunk, stumbling around,
and had a tragic accident.

Here you go, Lawrence.
l brought you some coffee.

Damn thing hasn't been tuned in ages.
No wonder we're always the last rig
at every stop.

Larry, listen. l'm gonna miss him, too.
He was a fine man, and a trooper.
Don't let this place do to you
what it did to him.

Did you clean up yet?
No. l have no intention
of doing any such thing.

Why don't you let it rest? At least for today.
That's great!
And what will you do when Hardin fires us?

How many openings are there
for second-rate hobgoblins?

Are you a member
of the dwarfs' union, or what?

''They for sudden joy did weep,
and l for sorrow sung.''

Your coffee's getting cold.