Hamburger Hill

l love that mother fucking bastards.
You back off Motown
cuz l got my fucking act.

Look man, l got my act together. OK?
My shit's straight man.
You know a straighter and more intellegent brother
in first platoon then me?

Hey listen up, he's got college.
One time l went home
on special emergency leave,

My mama made me a
special meal man with

everything l love, l mean greens,
fresh vegetable, potatos, candies...

l happened to like baked ham.
So whole my family was there, and l said to myself, Motown
you got these people fooled.

l mean the day before that,
we were humping in Ashau valley,

and now l'm home with my family.
And l'm skatin man.
No problems. Number one.

l smile at my mama. Great meal, ma.
Would you please pass the fucking potatoes.
The ham is fucking A, ma.
You don't know
fucking great it is to be home.

How you gonna act, huh?
You really want to know, Motown?
l'm gonna walk down Central Avenue.
My jump boots, my medals.
Shit, it's gonna be all right.
You'd better not wear your uniform.
Who's talking to you?
This man...has been fighting for the
fucking United States of white America.

And you going to try to advise him...
that he can't wear his jump boots.

You guys...don't know shit.