Hong gao liang

Red Sorghum
Adaptation of Moyan's novels:
"Red Sorghum" and "Kaoliang Spirit".

I want to tell you the story
about my grandparents.

People from my town
still talk about them.

but not everyone believes
the story anymore.

This is my grandma.
That year, on the 9th day of the 7th moon,
my grandma was married off...

...to Big Head Li,
a wine brewery owner at 18 Mile Slope.

Big Head Li didn't find a wife
till he was fifty.

Because everyone knew
that he was a leper.

No crying or vomiting in the sedan chair,
it's bad luck!

Don't take off your veil either,
it brings trouble!

Get in!
According to local custom...
The sedan bearers must tease the bride.