Hong gao liang

Don't peek, little lady.
If you're bored, talk with us!
It's a long trip.
Talk if you're bored,
sing if you're tired.

Come on, sing!
There is no use in peeking!
Little lady...
it's not easy to carry you.

Yes, not easy.
Poor girl, what a pity.
Who'd marry their own flesh
to a leper for money!

She will have a painful future.
Your parents sold you for money!
Big Head Li oozes yellow pus all over.
He will never recover.
Yes, he will never recover.
You can not live with Big Head Li.
Or you will rot, too.
Yes, you will rot, too.
It's not too late.
We can carry you back.
Just give us the word.
Come on, at least sing for us,
while we sweat for you.

Not a word, huh? Let's shake her up!
Can't make her sing,
at least, it'll make her piss.

The guests aren't gone.
The party isn't over.