Hong gao liang

I just got a bit drunk.
I was only joking.
Save your tongue to kiss women.
But go kowtow to the boss.
What are you waiting for?
I'm going, I'm going.
Kneel down!
Check out the place
before you make a scene.

Come, have more wine.
Magic Shot, let me go, please.
I was naive,
sorry for disturbing you.

I was drunk.
I was just joking.

I won't do it again.
Don't move, or I'll kill him.
Don't move
Brother, we've never met, why this?
You ruined my woman!
Your woman?
The one from the brewery?
Yes, did you?
No, I didn't.
I only got 3000 pieces of silver.

You're lying!
No, I didn't. I don't touch women
who've slept with lepers.

Believe me, brother,
or you can have my head.
Hold it!
Boss, he's not with any gangs.
Why don't we just boil him?

I don't want to dirty my shop.