House of Games

We should be leaving.
You said he wasn't coming back.
Probably not.
But why should we wait for him?

Some people would say
that you're an interesting man.

I'm a con man.
That's what I am. I'm a criminal.
You don't have to delude yourself.
You can call things what they are.
You can call yourself what you are.
What am I?
Listen to me.
Cos there are a lot of things in the world.
There are many sides to each of us.
Good blood. Bad blood.
Somehow, all those parts have got to
speak. You know what I'm talking about.

The burden of responsibility has
become too great. It's true, isn't it?

- Yes, it is.
- Babe, I know that it is.

I read a book once which said this:
"If you're fired from your job, when
you're going home, take something."

"A pencil, something to assert yourself.
Take a memento."

Take something from life.
I think what draws you to me is this:
I'm not afraid to examine the rules
and to assert myself.

And I think you aren't either.
Do you really think so?
Yes. That's exactly what I think.
I'm gonna wash up.
Then let's get out of this guy's room.