House of Games

(Mike) Let's get out of here!
- Taxi this evening, sir?
- No, thank you.

- I wanna see you again.
- Well, I hope so.

We'll do that. Soon.
- I have to go.
- Can I come? Where do you have to be?

I've actually got to be right here.
- Christ, what time is it?
- What is it?

Look. You remember Joey
from last night?

- Your friend.
- The guy in the bow tie.

Slowly look over my left shoulder
and tell me if you see him.

Yes, he's just crossing the street.
- Christ.
- What is it?

There's a bit
that I'm supposed to do here.

OK, I'm gonna call you soon.
- Let me do this with you.
- No! You're getting into the frame-up.

- Let me do this with you.
- No! This is not a game.

- We're about to sting this guy.
- I'll do it with you.

Let me do it with you.
Just tell me what to do.

Babe, you're mucking up my timing.