House of Games

Come on.
You're my wife. You follow my cue.
Whatever I do, don't volunteer anything.

- Taxi!
- However strange it all seems, keep quiet.

The only one you know is me.
The airport. Hurry.
- (Joey) You going to the conference?
- Wouldn't miss it.

(Joey) Wait for the light.
They'll ticket you for jaywalking.

- Fellow left his briefcase.
- Sorry?

Fellow left his briefcase.
He probably came from the hotel.
Let's take it back.
Holy Christ.
(businessman) Oh, my God.
I'd better get this... I suppose
I'd better get this back to the hotel.

Let's, uh...
Let's just talk about this for one moment.
I'm with you.
Look, look, look.
This has got to be stolen money.

I understand, but how do we know that?
Are you nuts?
There's $80,000 in the goddamn bag.

Who's gonna be carrying that kind of
money in a bag in the middle of the night?

And there's no way
I'm giving that money to the police.