House of Games

Why should we?
So some cops can split it?

- That's absolutely right.
- I'm not gonna do it.

All right. Let's just stop
pussyfooting around here.

This is the central proposition.
This money fell into our laps.

There is no way we're gonna give it back.
We all know what we're gonna do
so let's face the facts.

We know we're gonna split the money,
so let's just do it.

I, uh...
- I work in a bank.
- We don't wanna hear your problems.

Will you shut up for a second?
Listen to what I'm gonna tell you.

I work in a bank.
If this money's clean,
if it's not counterfeit, I say this:

I say we split it up.
We split it up down the middle and
we walk away and this never happened.

That's what I say.
That's what I've been saying
for the last three hours.

- I'll take the money to the bank and...
- Excuse me. Do you think we're insane?

Listen to what I'm gonna say! We keep
this money intact. We don't touch it.

I check it out. If it's hot,
we sit on it for six months, a year.

- And you keep the money?
- Listen to what I'm gonna tell you!

I can go to my bank tomorrow morning,
here, in town.

I can get 10... $20,000 clean money,
my money.

I'll give you a bank cheque. I keep
the briefcase. You keep my money.

- We keep your money?
- Yes.

Wait a second. Back up.
I'll go to my bank, all right?

I'll get $30,000
and I'll get the thing checked out.

I'll give you my money and I'll take
the briefcase, you son of a bitch.

Who's he think he's dealing with,
for Christ's sake?