Lethal Weapon

-You like Canadian Mist?
-Honey, it's in the back.

How come we didn't have fish?
I thought we had fish tonight.

Don't worry about the fish.
Getting defensive...
Ever go fishing?

Not since I was a kid.
I used to go spearfishing.

All I caught was a cold.
I got that boat out there.
Rianne, get the dessert.
Rianne! Your mother said get the dessert.
-Get the dessert. Get to it!
-Shut up.

Catalina Island. Nothing exciting,
but I catch my allotment.

You can catch a few things out there.
I caught my wife out there.

Nice fishing out there.
Mr. Riggs, care for a tart?
Thank you, yes. Call me Martin.
Mr. Riggs.
Sit down.
Rianne, it's not the first time
we've had company.

My name is Carrie,
I'm no fairy
My sister's cherry

She's in love with a guy named Martin...
Come on. It was really good!
Yeah, Dad! Why don't you try it?
It was good.
Yeah, there you go.
I'm gonna find a partner
My name is Roger

And I need to be modger
And a secret hodger

You need some help.
I am awful!
Hey, sarge! Thanks for
taking out the garbage.

But, honey, I'm entertaining our guest.
What do you think?
It's nice. You know
anything about boats?