- I'm Pippa Durham, Clive's sister.
- Yes, he's -

May I introduce Mr. London?
Mr. Hall.

- How do you do? Archie London.
- How do you do?

I'm the lucky devil who's to marry her.
I'm commandeering troops
for canvassing tomorrow. Tariff reform.

- Yes. Stop bullying, Pippa.
- Are you interested?

- Certainly. I'd be delighted.
- Good. There, Mama.

Mr. Hall is sound.
- Pippa, dear, does Mr. Hall know his room?
- The Blue Room, Mama.

The Blue Room?
Poor man.

The one with the smoking fireplace. Simcox.
- Where'd you come from?
- The old schoolroom, our study.

That's why you've been put to stay
in this dog's misery.

It's as much like college as I could make it.
Look at the view, though.
There. You may shoot rabbits from this window.
Oh, it is jolly for me, coming here.
Well, this place will never seem the same again.
- I shall love it at last.
- Would there be anything else, sir?

No, thank you, Milly.
No, that's all.

We're up the staircase by ourselves.
We need never be in any other part of the house,
apart from meals, that is.

I'll leave you to unpack.
See you down there.

I hope you can find
enough to amuse yourself, Mr. Hall.

So we dressed and came down
to find water lapping...

at the foot of the staircase...