instead of the stereotyped, soulless
physiognomies, all looking alike?

Why can't we paint
a toiling woman as a Madonna?

What could be more beautiful than
a working person? Nothing!

Although you'll have a lot of
antagonists, isn't it so, Yelena?

Of course, it's absolutely true.
They will say:
''What do we need this art for?

This is just chamber art,
fit for a boudoir.

ln fact, it's escapism.''
And l would say to them:
''Sometimes escapism
means plunging
into the greater reality.

Our people need
the great reality.''

Though, do you know how
our enemies may interpret it?

As a call to anarchy.
Yes, yes, to all-out anarchy.

And who is this?
Very good, Sandro, very good!
And here's our Nino.
Splendid work!

lt would be interesting to look into
their brains. What's going on there?

Dear Sandro,
at least they're literate.

And what ignoramuses l have to deal
with in my line of duty!

- lsn't that true, dear Yelena?
- Absolutely true.

Today we need to have beside us
the artists exactly like you.