I'm calling from the death bed
of my mother.

Yeah, how was your plane ride?
The waitresses were very nice.
- My mother is slipping away.
- How long do I have to wait?

-I can't talk long.
-Did you tell her we're getting married?

No, not yet. I'm waiting
till a moment when she's peaceful.

Well, don't wait till she's dead.
Have you called my brother?
No. I'm sorry. Not yet.
I forgot.

- Will you do it today?
- Yes.

Make sure he comes to the wedding.
Five years is too long
for bad blood between brothers.

Nothing can replace the family.
I can see that now.
Loretta, are you there?
I'm sorry.
I'll do it today.

And listen, Johnny.
- Call me after you tell her.
- All right.

And don't stand directly under the sun.
You got a hat. Use your hat.

I got my hat.
All right. Bye.

All right. Bye-bye.
What did I do with that card?
How's the mother?
She's dying, but I could still
hear her big mouth.

He didn't tell her.
You know,
the woman makes him crazy.

Now who you calling?
Is Ronny Cammareri there, please?