Radio Days

Nobody's snooping.
Oh, yeah? My wife
hears her breathing!

And she giggles!
Hey, Waldbaum. Waldbaum...
you think we care
what goes on in your house?

Let them take her ovaries out.
What's it our business?

Mrs. Waldbaum had
a steel plate in her head...

and it was said she couldn't
walk near magnets.

Finally, there was Aunt Bea,
who only wanted to get married.

This is a Lindy.
My dancing teacher gave me
this great new step for it.

Hey, Tess?
Tess, I can't decide...
if I should take
my vacation on a cruise...

or go to the mountains.
I mean, the men
are richer on a cruise...

but there's more of them
in the resorts.

What do you think, Tess?
Well, I met my husband
at a mountain resort...

so I'd advise you
to go on a cruise.

That's very funny.
Can we get back to my idea?
We buy cultured pearls.
We box 'em here in velvet...

and we sell 'em mail order.
I can get a good price.
You were in jewelry.
It didn't work.

We got stuck with
the rhinestone earrings.

You don't have
a business head.

You got stuck with
mail order parts...

you tried seeds...
then you lost money
selling greeting cards.

You know we have 6,000
"get well" cards in the closet?

There aren't that many
sick people in America.

Forget it. I'll spend the rest
of my life at the job I do.

There's nothing
wrong with it.

What do you do, Dad?
It's none of your business.
All my friends know what
their dads do for a living.

Don't you have
any homework?

Hey, can I have 15 cents
for the new Masked Avenger ring?

No. What am l,
made of money?

Pay more attention
to your schoolwork...

and less to the radio!
You always listen to the radio.
It's different.
Our lives are ruined already.

You still have a chance
to grow up and be somebody.

You think I want you working
at the job I do?

I don't even know
what your job is.

You gotta get an education.
While I'm getting it, can I get
the secret compartment ring?

We don't have
money to waste.

Do you think we all
like living together?

We'd like to save up,
maybe have another child.

Your father works all day
like a horse...

supporting everybody.
-At what?
-He's a big butter-and-egg man.

What do you mean, "our lives
are ruined already"?