Radio Days

Yeah. I love the fog.
It's very romantic.
What's that?
Oh, you're not gonna
believe this...

but we're out of gas.
Oh, gosh.
Wouldn't you know it?

Right out here on the tip
of Breezy Point, too.

Hmm. Looks like
we're stuck here.

Least till the fog lifts.
Oh, well. What's a girl to do?
Oh, Sidney. Oh, Sidney,
this is our first date together.

Aw, Bea, you know
how I feel about you.

We interrupt this program...
to bring you a special
news bulletin.

A state of emergency
has been declared...

by the President
of the United States.

We're switching live
to Wilson's Glen, New Jersey...

where the landing of hundreds
of unidentified spacecraft...

has now been officially

as a full-scale invasion
of the Earth by Martians.

I can't believe my eyes--
Dying...being trampled
in their efforts to escape.

The power lines
are down everywhere.

We could be cut off
at any moment.

Oh, my gosh!
There's another group
of spaceships.

The alien ships
are coming out of the sky.

Despite his bravado
all evening...

Mr. Manulis panicked
and bolted out of the car.

He was so frightened
by the reports...

of interplanetary invasion
that he ran off...

leaving Aunt Bea to contend with
the slimy green monsters...

he expected to drop
from the sky at any moment.

She walked home 6 miles.
When Mr. Manulis called her
for a date the next week...

she told my mother to tell him
she couldn't see him anymore.

She had married a Martian.
Now, earlier...
I promised some inside stories
about the stars.

Well, here's
a little something...

that actually happened one night
with Roger and Irene.

Everyone's here tonight,

Isn't that Richard?
Oh, Richard!