Radio Days

I think it's probably
pretty safe up here.

And under the stars
An orchestra's playing
Listen, I only got
a 10-minute break.

Come here, baby.
He wants to meet me?
The head of the agency.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah. Come here. Yeah.
Oh, wait.
Can you take this off?
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, there you go.
You tell him
I could sing?

Like a nightingale.
You told him that?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Boy, that was fast.
Probably helped
I had the hiccups.

I have to get back
to the table.

Hey, Sally,
this door's locked.

It is?
It's locked from the inside.
Oh, no.
What are we gonna do?
The trick is not to panic.
There's no other way down.
Well, we'll have
to climb down.

We can't climb down
the side of the building.

What do you think I am?
Didn't you know the door
was locked from the inside?

No. I never actually
came up here...

with anybody but you.
Oh, my God.
What a predicament!

And that's exactly
how it happened.

No matter how hard they tried...
Roger and Sally
could not get back in.