Radio Days

It's one of the Whiz Kids.
Hey, excuse me.
Pardon me?

We really enjoy
your son on the radio.

You're a real genius.
Yes, I have a 160 I.Q.
And that is extraordinary
by any standards.

This is our son.
Say hello.
Charmed to make
your acquaintance.

Although perhaps charmed
is really overstating it.

Your son is a whiz at math.
Hey, quick. What's 1,754
divided into 13 million, huh?

Yeah, this palooka
can't even pass...

a simple arithmetic
exam, you know?

And now, if you'll excuse us.
Boy, what a kid.
So well spoken.
Why can't you
be like that, huh?

Why can't you be a genius?
I'll tell you why.
Because you're too busy...

listening to the radio
all the time.

That's why.
Put your hat on.

Put his hat on.
Honest to goodness.

Aunt Bea listened almost
exclusively to music.

Because of her,
I grew up hearing...

the most wonderful songs.
To this day,
there are certain songs...

that no matter where I am,
the minute I hear them...

I get instant memory flashes.
For instance,
every time I hear this song...

I think of Evelyn Goorwitz...
who I had a crush on,
but who didn't like me.

And I remember
her pretty girlfriend...

treating me like
I had the plague.

But eventually,
persistence won out...