Raising Arizona

more than most people
care for...

but there's a spirit of
camaraderie between the men...

like you find
only in combat, maybe...

or on a pro ball club in
the heat of the pennant drive.

HI: In an effort
to better ourselves...

we were forced to meet
with a counselor...

who tried to help us figure out
why we were the way we were.

SCHWARTZ: All he wanted
was a hot roll and butter.

why do you use the word

Why do you say you feel trapped
in a man's body?

Well, sometimes I get
the menstrual cramps real hard.

Have you learned anything, Hi?

HI: Yes, sir. You bet.
WOMAN: You wouldn't lie to us,
would you?

HI: No, ma'am. Hope to say.
MAN: OK, then.
HI: I tried to stand up
and fly straight...

but it wasn't easy with Reagan
in the White House.

I don't know.
They say
he's a decent man, so...

[ Click ]
maybe his advisers are confused.
ED: Turn to the right.
What's the matter, Ed?
My "fy-ance" left me.
HI: She said her fiance
had run off...

with a student cosmetologist...
who knew how to ply
her feminine wiles.

The sumbitch.
Don't forget his phone call, Ed.

Tell him
I think he's a damn fool, Ed.

You tell him I said so--
H.I. McDunnough.
If he wants to discuss it,
he knows where to find me--

in the Maricopa County
Maximum Security...

Correctional Facility For Men...
State Farm Road Number
Thirty-one, Tempe, Arizona!

I'll be waitin'!
I'll be waitin'.
HI: I can't say I was happy
to be back inside...

but the flood of familiar
sights, sounds, and faces...