And remember, we care.
Three dead police officers,
one critically injured.

Police leaders blame
Omni Consumer Products, OCP...

...the firm which recently agreed
with the city to fund and run...

...the Detroit Metro
Police Department.

Dick Jones, president of OCP.
Every policeman knows
there are inherent risks in his job.

If you can't stand the heat,
you better stay out of the kitchen.

Although wounded, Officer Frederickson
escaped and identified this man.

Clarence Boddicker, unofficial
crime boss of Old Detroit...

...sought in connection with
the deaths of 31 officers.

Today he is free while doctors
at Henry Ford Hospital...

...fight to save
Officer Frank Frederickson.

Good luck, Frank.
Attempted murder?
It's not like he killed someone.

This violates
my client's civil rights.

Make it assault and I can make
bail in cash, now.

Listen, your client's a scumbag,
you're a scumbag...

...and scumbags see the judge.
Now get out of my police station
and take Laughing Boy with you.

Murphy, transferring in
from Metro South.

Nice precinct.
Yeah, pretty good.
You work for a living down here.
Get your armor and suit up.
- No, you can't get a cup of coffee.
- Oh, sarge.

- Stark, any word on Frederickson?
- Still listed as critical.

His wife must be going crazy.
- Murphy?
- Yeah, that's me.