We should lose the arm.
What do you think?

He signed a release when he joined
the force. And he's dead.

We can do pretty much what we want.
Lose the arm.
Shut him down. Prep him for surgery.
The outer skin will be like this.
It's titanium, laminated with Kevlar.
Go ahead, shake his hand.
Come here often? How you doing?
Got a hell of a grip.
It's 400 foot-pounds.
He could crush
every bone in your hand.

All right, attach it to his shoulder.
I like that.
You're gonna be a bad motherfucker!
Hey, hey. Look, he's watching us!
This is for you.
Happy New Year.
We get the best of both worlds.
The fastest reflexes possible today...
:28:26 memory...
...and a lifetime of on-the-street
officer programming.

It is my great pleasure
to present to you...

Come on, come on.
That's for you.
- That's for you.
- Go, Robo.