Did not slide.
That is a tough break for me.

Now, I am having a small heart attack,
but I am recovering.

Now I am seeing
two coked-out hopheads coming at me -

- could be trouble.
- Get off the sidewalk!
- Other side of the street, scum.

It is a cop!
If he is a cop, where is his gun?
He is a fireman.
Cut a wide swath, pussy.
- All right.
- Thank you, arse-wipe.

Christ, that is the biggest nose...
Do not say it...
Quite a hood ornament you have there.
Here it comes...
Three-D coming at you!

- I really admire your shoes.
- What?

- I love your shoes.
- What?

I was just thinking -
- as much as I admire them and would
love to have a pair just like them -

- I would not want
to be in your shoes right now.

- I do not really know karate.
- I did not think so.

- Get pissed, Rich.
- I am pissed.

Fifteen - Love.