You have got it all right.
How to talk to Roxanne.
I will take a chance.

The girl likes me, what am I afraid of?
She is no rocket scientist.

Actually, she is a rocket scientist.
But of all the guys she likes me, right?
So what am I afraid of? Nothing.

I will do as you said...
I will write her a letter.

I have a way with words.
I always crack the guys up.

This way I can plan what to say.
I can craft it.

In a letter I can be...

- We cannot get it started.
- I will be out in a minute.

- Andy, your coat is on fire.
- Yeah, right.

So what do you think?
- What?!
- He is on fire, get his coat!

No! Not the gasoline!
Can I help you?
Yes, I have a friend who is looking for
a cosmetic, if one exits -

- a sort of a shading arrangement.
Do you have anything in the shading area?

We have lots of blushers and things...
What specifically is it for?

She has this feature that she would
like to... de-emphasise.

I see, she has this extra large feature
and she wants to make it look smaller?

I think a dark contour would be fine.
Great. How would she go about...
applying this thing?

She would... just shade the area of the
feature to make it look...