Like a dickhead.
No, you cannot write that.
You have to say, "I felt like a child
standing in the sun for the first time -

- feeling only your radiance."
"Radiance"; I like that.
I will underline that.

What did you do after you saw her?
I puked.
After seeing you...
my only nourishment was you.

- C.D., you write the letter.
- No, you do it.

You know how to say what I feel.
You write it and I will sign it.

No, no, that is... dangerous.
That is lying.

Not if you write what I feel.
I sign my name and you write
what you imagine I am feeling.

- It will work.
- What I imagine you are feeling?

It is half-written already.
You have to change that poetic baloney.
This is beautiful.
No, for Roxanne
you need something startling -

- something so strange it would
make her incapable of being reasonable.

- Can you do it?
- It is an challenge.

Get your favourite pen.
These are good.
And some good quality paper
that really takes the ink.

- Oh, the food!
- I will take care of it.

You just take your time.