Oh, gosh. How many times
have I made that mistake?

It's common among my pupils.
It's what they most often get wrong.

Oh, what's the difference?
If and when I ever get to visit Paris again,
I'll have long forgotten all my French.

- I must be going.
- No!

Stay. It's still early.
- I mean, what are you gonna do at home?
- Nothing special.

Right. I mean, how many times
can you putter around the garden?

I can't believe my mother.
She's out there...
She's made friends with Peter and
is trying to get him to write her biography.

Her stupid life. "As told to."
Oh, come on, now.
She'll be gone in a couple of days.

Yeah, that's what you said last week.
Time passes and she's still here.

Oh, look at this. She will not stop picking
the flowers, which I asked her not to do.

She doesn't even put them in water,
so of course they die.

Walking around in a snit
is not gonna make the time go any faster.

When I ask Peter if he wants to go for a
drive or walk, he's busy writing his novel.

But he's got plenty of time
to stroll around the lake with her.

- You must admit she tells funny stories.
- See? Men.

She certainly hasn't lost her knack.
- Somehow I thought Peter'd be different.
- Lane, it's your mother.

- Is that when you dated Errol Flynn?
- Oh, I was too old for Errol Flynn.

I mean, I met him when I was 16.
For Errol, 15 was over the hill.
Lane, I invited the Richmonds for drinks
tonight. I thought we might have a party.

What did you do that for? Peter and I were
supposed to see the new Kurosawa film.

- Sorry. Why didn't you say something?
- I did.

That's OK. We can catch it another night.
OK, but it's only there tonight.
- Where was I?
- How we met.

Oh! lt was like a bad movie.
We both hailed the same taxicab.