If you wouldn't let
my mother seduce you...

Now, her life would make
a fascinating book.

Why? What's so fascinating
about her frivolous existence?

That she left my father,
who was a wonderful man,...

..for a gangster who beat her up?
You think that's compelling?

Was it the shooting? That wasn't
fascinating. That was pathetic.

Maybe it's that she's a survivor, and
the book I'm writing is about surviving.

You're right. She went on with her life,
but I get stuck with the nightmares.

Excuse me. Uh...
Diane wanted some ice cubes
and you seem to be out.

Um, there's a... there's an ice machine
just outside the back door.

And you're wrong to think your mother
didn't suffer terribly over that whole affair.

Right. Poor thing
She experienced a little hearing loss
in her left ear from the gunshot.

Noise trauma.
The only point I wanted to make -
and I didn't mean to upset you -

:08:03 that some people are survivors and
some let life's tragedies annihilate them.

- This is just one of the cruelties of living.
- And in your book that idea is moving.

But the story of a 14-year-old girl
who kills her mother's lover is... sleazy.

And the trial was sleazy
and he was sleazy.

And my mother was
completely unconcerned.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'll get you those pages.
And they're good, you know, despite what
you think. I won't let you tear them up.


- Very good. I'm very impressed.
- You liked that?