- Hi. Can I give you a hand there?
- No, that's OK.

Listen, I had a talk with Peter.
And he doesn't wanna
get involved right now.

And that's OK. I understand that.
He's... You know,
he's got a lot of problems.

But I... But maybe things
will be different later on. You know?

I'm glad that things are
out in the open anyway.

You know, I do feel better.
We'll both be living in New York.
Who knows? You know,
anything could happen.


Who could that be?
Oh, Ken. No, she's right here.
One second.

Ken, listen. I told you the lights were out
and the phone was out. I couldn't call you!

Right. Yes.
I still don't know. I'm thinking about
spending some time in New York.

Please don't bring that up now.
It's late and I'm tired.

Let me call you tomorrow. Good night.

Oh, God.
I didn't know you were still here.
I heard your voice.