Someone to Watch Over Me

We got food back there, you know?
Thanks for coming. Good to see you.
T.J.? Set 'em up with a drink.
Get your coats off.

- We need some booze.
- I got lots of booze.

How have you been?
Mike! Stay still. Don't move.
What a cake! Look at this cake!
Get Ellie in here.
Now look at me!
One more time.
Do it already!
You're being transferred to the 21st
on your very first assignment?

- Who loves your ass downtown?
- Where's the 21st?

- You'll never know.
- Manhattan. Upper East Side.

Give me a kiss. I'm so proud of you!
- What the hell took you so long?
- Don't ask me.

Ask that stand-up guy over there.
If it wasn't for your old man, T.J.,
I never would have made it.

- Where is he?
- There.

...and keep your legs apart.
- I tell her that all the time.