Someone to Watch Over Me

He left Elaine for that?
- I'd like to tie her boobs together.
- That wouldn't be too difficult.

Listen up! That lady
happens to be a PhD in philosophy.

Yeah, and I've got a 170 IQ.
Scotty dates her for her mind,
not her... what are you doing, Ellie?

- Smoking.
- Give me that!

I love your husband,
but he's a real dork.

I know. But he's my dork.
- Listen... I'm tired. I can't stand up.
- Then we're going to go home.

- Listen, we're going.
- Leaving? Good!

Get some rest.
You're starting a new job tomorrow.

Listen, goodbye, Goomba...
Goomba, thank you.

You call me tomorrow.
Scotty, be good.
If you can't, think of me.

- Michael, my ass is falling.
- Your what?

- My ass is falling. It is!
- What are you talking about?

I just saw it in that mirror.
It doesn't look like my ass anymore.

Get in bed, will ya?
I don't know what to do.
I jog, I exercise, -

- I run after Tommy.
Gravity isn't helping me at all.

I love this ass.
Now get it into bed -

- before it hits the floor!