Someone to Watch Over Me

God, have I got a hangover.
Youever hear the chatter? They're
worse than fucking four-year-olds.

Let's find out what we know.
Check them out.

Anybody knows more than gossip,
I want to talk to them personally.

Keegan, take the witness downtown
and babysit it.

Just sit there and look impressive.
I want her to feel protected.

If you can get her boyfriend off my back
I'll promote you to deputy commissioner.

- Well, is Garber here?
- No, sir.

- I want to see Lieutenant Garber now.
- He's still uptown but he's on his way.

That's what you said half an hour ago.
Don't you think
you've made her wait long enough?

- I want to take her home.
- Lieutenant Garber has to question her.

- I know that...
- It's okay, Neil.

Look, can I use one of these phones?
Why don't you use the one in the office,
that way you can have some privacy.

Right in there.
You all right?
I never saw anybody killed before.