Sous le soleil de Satan

You're weary.
Weariness is an evil thought.
Suspend your visits.
I do more harm than good.
At first I didn't know what evil was.
I learned it from the mouths of sinners.
No one knows better than a priest.
...the awful monotony of sin
I can't talk to them.
I can only absolve or weep.
If one absolution in thirty
did its work...

the world would soon be converted.
You're silent tonight, Estelle
Still no coffee at night,
Father Donissan?

No thanks, Dean
I'll take mine in the next room.
I've been waiting for you.
I know
I want the Bishop to return me
to the monastery. Please back me up.

I don't belong here.
Parish work is too much for me.

My superiors thought so.
You do, too.

I'm willing to request your recall,
but it's complicated.

Are you overtaxed here?
Don't be childish. The parish is too
poor to feed a useless mouth.

...I could go to
the Trappists for a while.