Sous le soleil de Satan

What a situation!
You come here at 1 A.M.
after your father's visit...

You deserve a spanking.
I'm tired.
I fell in the mud, I'm soaked.
My throat's dry from crying.
I was out of my mind.

They'd have ended by killing me.
What parents!
They'll never see me again!

I've got money.
I can catch a train to Paris.

My aunt has a nice house
and a grocery store.

I'll work for her and be very happy.
Are you of age?
I will be, in time.
Let me stay!
Stay? Where?
They'll all be on our backs...
including Gallet.

that damn Deputy!
I was seeing him tomorrow with Dad.
Mouchette, I've got enough problems...
I need time.

They say your furniture's
the finest around.

Will you answer me?
Answer what?
Answer what!
You can't move in here.
It'd stir up a storm.

It's late. I'll take you part-way back.
I won't go to Campagne tonight.
Where'll you sleep?
Here, by the road,
anywhere...Do I care?

Sleep wherever.
You should've given me time.

In a month, I'd have sold all this.
But your father threatened me...