Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint

We will contact you
in a few minutes.

I will continue this in the guest
quarters. Commander, Doctor.

Data, I can understand how this
could happen to the Ornarans.

What I can't understand
is why anyone would voluntarily
become dependent on a chemical.

Addiction to drugs is
a recurrent theme in many cultures.

Wesley, no one wants to
become dependent. That happens later.

But it does happen,
so why do people start?

On my home planet, there was
so much poverty and violence,

for some, their escape
was through drugs.

How can a chemical substance
provide an escape?

It doesn't,
but it makes you think it does.

You have to understand,
drugs can make you feel good.

You feel on top of the world.
You're sure of yourself, in control.

- But it's artificial.
- It doesn't feel artificial

until the drug wears off.
Then you pay the price.
Before you know it, you're taking
the drug, not to feel good,

but to keep from feeling bad.
And that's the trap?
All you care about
is getting your next dosage.

Nothing else matters.
- I guess I just don't understand.
- I hope you never do.

Lt Yar, we're ready
in the guest quarters.

T'Jon,... do you have it?
Yes, it is here, but...