The Princess Bride

He has very good arms.
He didn't fall?

You keep using that word.
I do not think it means
what you think it means.

My God!
He's climbing.

Whoever he is, he's obviously
seen us with the princess,

and must therefore die.
You, carry her.

We'll head straight
for the Guilder frontier.

Catch up when he's dead.
If he falls - fine.
If not - the sword.

I'm going to duel him left-handed.
You know what a hurry we're in!
It's the only way
I can be satisfied.

If I use my right,
it'll be over too quickly.

Oh, have it your way.
You be careful.
People in masks cannot be trusted.

I'm waiting!
Hello there.
Slow going?
Look, I don't mean to be rude,
but this is not as easy as it looks,

so I'd appreciate it
if you wouldn't distract me.

- Sorry.
- Thank you.

I do not suppose
you could speed things up?

If you're in such a hurry,
you could lower a rope, or a tree branch,

or find something useful to do.
I could do that.
In fact,
I've got some rope up here.

But I do not think that
you will accept my help,

since I am only waiting
around to kill you.

That does put a damper
on our relationship.

But I promise I will not kill you
until you reach the top.