Wall Street

You smoke too much. How often you
gotta go to the hospital to realise?

Leave me alone. lt's the only thing that
makes me feel good. There, Frank. All set.

Your mother still makes lousy spaghetti.

- lt's pasta now. Spaghetti's out of date.
- So am l. You want a beer?

Billie! Bring a Molson Lite for the kid!
- Looking good, huh?
- He looks terrific.

Carl, we'll be at the bar.
- l'll catch up with you.
- All right, Charlie.

You look like you've grown another inch,
but you don't look so hot, Buddy.

- You're gonna get bags under your eyes.
- Yeah, l had a tough day.

- Some jerk DK'd me. l gotta cover his loss.
- Speak English.

DK: Didn't Know who l was
when the options he bought took a bath.

- Bastard reneged on me!
- l told you not to get into that racket.

You coulda been a doctor or a lawyer.
lf you'd stayed at Bluestar, you coulda been a
supervisor now, instead of being a salesman.

Dad, how many times l gotta tell you l am not
a salesman? l'm an account executive.

Soon l'm moving into investment banking.
You ask strangers for money -
you're a salesman.

Dad, it takes time.
You gotta build a client list.

l can make more money in one year
as a broker than in five at this airline.

Thank you, Billie.
l don't get it, kid. You borrow money to go
to NYU. First year out, you make 35 grand.

You made 50 grand last year, and can't
pay off your loans. Where does it go?!

Dad, 50K does not get you
to first base in the Big Apple.

l got 40% in taxes, 15 grand for rent.
l got school loans, car loans, food -
that's three bills a month. l need suits...

Come back home and live rent-free
instead of that roach-infected place.

$50,000! Jesus Christ!
The whole world's off its rocker!

l made $47,000 last year. That's before taxes.
That's Queens, Dad! A 5% mortgage
and you rent the top room.

l gotta live in Manhattan to be a player.
There is no nobility in poverty any more, Dad.