How will you be paying?
I know what you did!
I know you stole that goat!
Mr. Norman!
Goat thief!
Mr. Norman, step back into your line.
I know it's the economy, stupid!
But that goat didn't belong to you.
He was a free goat.
Mom, it really hurts.
It's throbbing.
It's throbbing, mom!
Back off, nutty!
I'm gonna take your free goat and
shove it up straight up your ass.

What goat?
Woman, you are light!
You are lighter than Michael
Jackson, you're so light!

Where is my money?
Shane broke his arm last night.
Sorry to hear that.
Where is my money?
I'll get it, I swear, I need more inventory.
I'll pay everything back.
I'm sure you will.
But until then it's time to give it up.
The shiny bits.
You have my car!
I can't sell no leased car!
Now, you want more, you got to leave more.
And you got a shitty watch
and you buy knock-off handbags.

It's just business, baby.
Now, I know you got troubles
but like my mamma always says:
"Tough shit!"
Do you have a cover business?
Of course, I do.
Got me a jew in Century City who set me up.
Now, I know he's skimming cream off the top
but he makes everything seem real nice on paper.
You're looking at the president and
chief executive officer of Tidy Up, inc.

Got me a van out back and everything.
Maid service?
I ain't nobody's maid.
You ain't no housecleaner neither.
You're a weed dealer with a front.
And these are my employees.
What do you do if somebody actually
calls to get his house cleaned?

Then I refer him to my cousin
Xandra who cleans for real.

She don't make shit