Zhong hua zhan shi

What happened, Grandpa?
Lung, didn't i tell you
there's no need to test her?

Now do you believe how good
my granddaughter is?

Not bad, not bad.
Come and say hello to Uncle Lung.
He is a pillar of our community.

I do look like some Mafia boss.
We're not just playing with you.
It's a matter that concerns
the whole country, all of us.

This here is Puttan.
There's a city there called Kaa Yi.

The ruler of the city is Youda.
He's got some information
on the Japanese,

but he's scared to death of them.
If we fly him to Guangzhou City,
he'll tell us what he knows.

Ming-ming, we're doing this
for our country. Don't get mad.

I should be mad.
You make a simple matter like this
so complicated.

Why don't you just tell me to go?
- When do i leave?
- Tomorrow morning.

Right, when you get to Kaa Yi City,
look for our agent Sky 001 .

But I've never met him.
No problem.
Just remember this watch.
- The pigeon.
- Yes.