Zhong hua zhan shi

Go save Youda.
Excuse me. Why should i save Youda?
I've got my money,
my job is to take Youda away.

Money? Do i get paid?
You two want to save Youda?
What if i say yes?
I certainly hope so.
Why is that?
You are...?
I am Sky 001 .
I am 003, he's 004.
We are disguised as Japanese.

No wonder I've never seen you before.
I am your superior.

- We're leaving.
- Where to?

Didn't headquarters tell you? We're
to take Youda's jewellery as well.

Of course they did.
Let's go.
Please, it's just around the corner.
It's quite near.
We'll be there soon.
Don't move
or I'll blow a hole in you.

Don't move.
You're Japanese?
But you're mistaken. I'm not Sky 001 .

We knew that.
What's the problem?
It's none of my business.

What are you doing? Can we talk?
Yes, why don't we talk?
We'll talk inside, move!