Zhong hua zhan shi

We're finished. We can't go home now.
Are you happy now?
The Japanese are here
to develop Kaa Yi City.

We are all in favour of Kaa Yi City.
For a better quality of life,
we should give our full support
to the lmperial Japanese Army.

So the Japanese...
Woman, I don't even
know your name yet.

Her name is Ming-ming.
Her grandfather defeated
Dai Do Gow Mei Wu single-handedly.

Ten years ago, your dad was betrayed
by General Geung Cheu Lam's man.

Your dad was killed by the guy
who betrayed him.

Is that true? How do you know?
That's none of your business.
Are you family?

lf you want to know the whole story
don't interrupt me.

So then you lived with your granddad
and two years ago got your revenge.

- What happened next?
- Well...

Then she broke up with her boyfriend.
But she hates men that wear leather
jackets and silk scarves

and who put on the charm.
That's not true.
You've given in so soon?
She's just trying to embarrass you.
Embarrass me?
Let's see who's got the better life.
- I think i do.
- We'll see.

You were an orphan
so you had to rely on yourself.

Then you became a swindler
and lots of people hated you.

In order to avoid them
you became a wanderer.

- Am i right?
- How did you know?

You wanderers are all the same.
So what's special about you, then?
I'm a bit more special than you.
I've been a spy for five years
and they call me Sky 001 .

My real name is Wong Siu-fong.
What a girlie name!