Zhong hua zhan shi

Of course not, so i gave them hell.
I stood up and said to them...
I am the ruler of Kaa Yi,
I order you to set them free.

If you don't,
I'll kick you all out.

The Japanese were scared shitless,
and set them free.

I've never lied to you, have I?
They are all good people.
They deserve to be happy.

You'd better rest
and not think about this.

I, Youda, ruler of Kaa Yi City,
sentence these three people to death

because they sabotaged
the order ofthe United East Asia.

Imperial Japan...
You can't make me do it!
They injured your daughter!
Don't you have feelings?

The Japanese are armed to the teeth,
what can we do?

I don't care! I want to rescue them.
You are risking your own life.
Even if you want to do this, you
still cannot save them, so why do it?

lf they were really your friends,
they wouldn't want you to die.

My Lord, you have to do this.
Executioners, get ready!
My Lord, please be ready.